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I recently saw an ad on Facebook from 10Web, a hosting company that also offers a number of premium plugins. The latest plugin is called 10Web AI Builder,
a page builder based on Elementor, extended with quite a few widgets and other features (including a header / footer builder) that are normally only available in
Elementor Pro.

The uniqueness of the 10Web AI Builder, however, is the promise that their builder can automatically recreate an existing website, after which you can edit it with the 10Web Builder – so with Elementor. You just enter the URL of an existing website, and the 10Web AI builder recreates it for you in Elementor. That sounds almost too good to be true … let’s see if it is 😉 

10Web AI Builder

Original version10Web AI Builder version

I recreated some of my own websites with the 10Web AI Builder and must honestly say that I am somewhat disappointed with the result.

First of all, not the entire website is copied, only the pages you specify are.
You basically copy the homepage, and a maximum of 4 other pages.

Also things like alignment, width and height of elements, font size and so on aren’t quite right, even if the site you’re copying was already created in Elementor.

In addition, the original URLs are not kept, which results in very weird URLs containing the URL of the original website and the date and time the copy was made. For menu items of which the underlying page has not been copied, the URL will be replaced by a random string, which means that they no longer work.

In the image on the left, I had my own homepage copied by the 10Web AI Builder.
On the left you see the original version (made with WordPress and Divi ), on the right the copy made by the 10Web AI Builder.

As you can see, the big picture is pretty good, and all text and images are nicely converted to standard Elementor widgets. My header is also saved as a header template, and a new contact form has even been created on my contact page with the same fields as in the original.

However, there are also quite a few things that are not right; the yellow bar at the top of the original website covers the entire browser window, the search bar has become a lot smaller and not properly aligned, all icons disappeared, the buttons aren’t next to each other, the first button suddenly has rounded corners, the border from the second button is gone, the space between the top 2 columns is way too narrow and I can go on and on …

The idea behind the 10Web AI Builder is great, but the implementation clearly leaves a lot to be desired.
Anyway, the AI Builder has only just been released, so this is only the very first version. So it is not perfect yet, but it is certainly very promising 🙂

Elementor Pro features

So the 10Web AI Builder was a bit disappointing… but I still bought a licence immediately. That doesn’t even have much to do with the AI Builder, although it definitely has potential.

The reason I immediately purchased a license is the 10Web Builder itself; the builder with which you edit the copy. You can also use it without first making a copy of another website, on any WordPress site.

What makes the 10Web Builder so special is that they have recreated most of the Elementor Pro features, so you can access all kinds of things with the 10Web Builder that you would normally need Elementor Pro for.

for example, the free version of Elementor combined with the 10Web Builder gives you a header & footer builder, and you can create templates for pages, posts, your blog archive, your 404 page and so on.

elementor pro lifetime licence

Of course, you can build all these templates using the standard Elementor widgets, and you can even use dynamic content. And just like with Elementor Pro, you can set conditions,
so you can, for example, set a different header for messages in a certain category.

In addition to the default Elementor widgets, the 10Web Builder also provides (a successful copy of) almost all Elementor Pro widgets, such as the pricing table and price list, the posts widget, the flipbox, the animated headline, the countdown, multiple carousels and so on. For some features, such as a contact form, photo gallery or Facebook feed, you need to install a separate plugin from 10Web for now (which is of course included in the price), but Elementor widgets are already being developed for those features as well. You can also save all widgets as a global widget, which is another beloved Elementor Pro feature.

A WooCommerce builder is also included in the 10Web Builder plugin, with which you can design your product pages and other WooCommerce pages as you want.
Some Elementor Pro features are not yet available in the 10Web Builder plugin, such as a popup builder, motion effects and TypeKit integration, but they are also on the roadmap.

Why 10Web Builder instead of Elementor Pro?

But if 10Web Builder offers slightly less features than Elementor Pro, why would you still choose 10Web Builder?
The main reason for that is simple: the price is way more attractive for web builders.

If you want to use the Elementor Pro features on less than 25 websites, I’d absolutely advise you to go for the official Elementor Pro plugin.

But if you need it on more than 25 websites, 10Web offers a really good alternative with a price of $199 per year for an unlimited amount of websites.

As a bonus, you also get access to a number of premium plugins from 10Web, including their Photo Gallery plugin, a MailChimp plugin, a slider plugin,
and a Facebook and Instagram Feed plugin. However, those plugins will soon be replaced by Elementor widgets.

Finally, the 10Web Builder has some other useful features such as an image optimizer tool and a security tool.


The 10Web AI Builder is a very promising product, but it’s not 100% yet. But although the result is not yet perfect, it does save a lot of work opposed to starting from scratch.

However, as far as I’m concerned, the real value lies in the premium Elementor features of the 10Web Builder, which are surprisingly similar to the official Elementor Pro version.
The widgets, the header / footer and template builder, the WooCommerce builder… it all works pretty much the same as the original.

So are you building websites professionally and enjoy working with Elementor Pro, but don’t enjoy the high costs for web builders?
Then 10Web Builder might just be the affordable alternative you were looking for!

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