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Amelia is my favorite plugin to plan appointments. Ideal for hairdressers, restaurants, beauticians, (group lessons at) gyms, consultants and repair services, but also for (smaller) hotels, B&Bs and so on. If your company offers a service that can be booked for a specific date and time, Amelia is the plugin you want!
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User-friendly yet quite comprehensive

a There are a lot of plugins to schedule appointments, but most of them aren’t user friendly at all and/or don’t offer enough features. Fortunately, that is not the case with WP Amelia; it is very user-friendly
(for both employees and customers) and nevertheless offers more than enough features for many companies.

Setting up Amelia is also very easy and will in most cases take half an hour to an hour of your time.
You can add multiple employees, services and locations, making Amelia suitable for many types of businesses.

For example, a hair salon in a local shopping center can enter all hairdressers who work in the salon,
and several services such as men’s haircut, women’s haircut, women’s haircut and coloring, and so on.
The work hours can be set per hairdresser, and it is even possible to plan days off  (for example holidays) on which days no appointments can be booked with that hairdresser.

You can also link certain services to certain employees. For example, you can set that the service “coloring” can only be booked with certain hairdressers. If you have multiple locations, you can also set per employee at which location(s) he or she works.

You can set the standard duration of every appointment with 1 minute accuracy, and if you want, you can also set a “buffer time” before and after the appointment. For example, in the hairdresser’s example, she can set an appointment for a men’s haircut to last 20 minutes, and set a buffer of 5 minutes after the appointment to sweep and clean her station.

If an appointment is scheduled at 10:00, the next appointment cannot be booked until 10:25. In the calendar on the website (see the top screenshot) only the available time slots are displayed.

You can also set how long in advance an appointment can be scheduled (for example, at least 24 hours in advance) and how long in advance an appointment can be canceled or moved. You can also set whether you want to approve an appointment automatically or manually.

You can also allow recurring appointments. For example, the customer at the hairdresser can automatically schedule an appointment every 6 weeks, or a monthly appointment with the dietician, or a six-monthly appointment with the dentist and so on.

The calendar, and the confirmation that appears when you click on “continue”, which you can both see on the screenshots above , is the default view of Amelia itself.
I haven’t adjusted anything, so Amelia offers a very user-friendly and professional looking 2 or 3 step booking process out of the box. 

There aren’t too many setting to adjust anyway, but you can adjust the colors, and add custom fields yourself (text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, selection, upload file) so that you can request more information from the customer in the booking form.

Another important feature is that you can set the number of customers who can simultaneously book a service , both a minimum number and a maximum number.
For example, a restaurant can set a capacity of 100 guests. If a guest then books for 2 people (you can set a minimum and maximum number of people per reservation),
98 other guests can still book the same time slot. Also very useful for group lessons!

You can also add extras to a service. For example, a hairdresser can add “washing” as an extra to a haircut, a B&B can offer lunch or dinner as extra services and a restaurant can offer a drink package as an extra. With every extra you can optionally set extra time and/or extra costs.

If you are self-employed or do not want customers to be able to choose a specific employee (for example at a B&B or restaurant) you just create 1 employee, then the field to select an employee doesn’t appear.

You can also send a number of automatic e-mails , for example if the appointment has been approved, rejected, canceled or moved, a reminder one day before the appointment, an evaluation after the appointment and even an automatic e-mail on the customer’s birthday. How attentive!

You can set up separate e-mails for the customer and for the employee, and you can adjust the text yourself (in your own language). In addition, you can use a large number of placeholders, with which you can automatically insert the correct data. For example, you can automatically insert the name of the customer, the date and times of the appointment, the location, with which employee he has an appointment and so on.

If you want, you can also let customers pay immediately online , with PayPal and Stripe available by default. Stripe is a large Payment Service Provider with which you can also let customers pay with all major credit cards and other payment methods. Would you rather work with WooCommerce? That’s possible too.  You can also use discount codes if you want.

Both customers and employees can log in to their own dashboard, where they can view and manage their appointments.


In addition to scheduling appointments, you can also use Amelia for events.

You can set the date and times (where multi-day and recurring events are also possible), set from and until when people can buy tickets and for what price,
how many tickets are available and where the event takes place.

At the front of the website you can view the events as a list or in a calendar view. In the backend you can see who has registered, and a number of automatic e-mails can also be set up for events.

Of course you can also have reservations for events paid directly on the website.

Amelia events


Amelia costs $ 59 per year for 1 website. There is also a developer license for web builders, which costs $ 249 per year.

In addition to the annual licenses, you can also opt for a lifetime license (lifetime updates and support for a one-time fee).
This costs $ 189 for 1 website and $ 589 for an unlimited number of websites.

Amelia review conclusion

As I wrote at the beginning of this review, Amelia is my favorite plugin for scheduling appointments. Very user-friendly for both the administrator and customers, a very professional appearance “out of the box” and yet quite a few features make Amelia an excellent choice. In terms of price, it is not the cheapest option, but the price-quality ratio is certainly okay in my opinion.

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