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Divi itself offers about 40 modules by default, plus 16 WooCommerce modules. Divi has always been my favorite page builder, but compared to Elementor Pro and some other premium page builders, I did still miss a few modules and features (like pop-up functionality). Thankfully, I discovered Divi Supreme. a third party plugin that adds 40+ modules to Divi, and adds popup functionality to any Divi module! In this Divi Supreme review, I’ll tell you all about it.

I bought Elegant Themes lifetime membership years ago, and even though Divi added a lot of new features in that time, new modules are very rare. For example, Divi itself still doesn’t have a Flip box module, Facebook and Twitter embeds, Typing effects, Lottie integration etcetera. Thankfully, there are a few third party plugins available that do add that kind of functionality, Divi Supreme being one of the most extensive ones.

Divi Supreme has a free version with about 20 modules, and a pro version that offers over 20 modules more. See which modules are included in the free and pro version.

Since my website is also built with Divi, I installed the Divi Supreme plugin and will show you some of the most useful modules below,

Divi Popup

divi popup

This is a Divi Popup

You can put anything in here!

One of the most notable features Divi doesn’t have yet – and most other builders do – is a popup / modal. I’m sure Elegant Themes is working on a native Divi popup module already, but until then, Divi Supreme has got you covered πŸ™‚Β 

The Pro version of Divi Supreme lets you add popup functionality to any Divi module. If you just want a simple popup, you can use an image, video or iFrame as a popup, but you can also choose any layout, section, row or module you’ve saved in the Divi library as a popup. That way, you can put anything you want in your popup, for example a special offer, your contact details with a Google Map, a newsletter sign up form etcetera.

You can trigger your popup by clicking on a link, image (click on the image on the left for a demo), button or just the entire module, but there are also a few automatic triggers like on page load (you can set a delay), on scroll (again with a time delay setting, but no scroll percentage which I expected) or exit intent.Β 

You can also set an overlay or make the popup full width, and even set the popup to fixed position to use it as a cookie consent or something like that. You can show a close button and choose the icon, icon size and color and background color, and even auto close the popup after X seconds.

All and all, Divi Popup is a pretty versatile feature. There is a disadvantage as well though; since the popup is added to a module, it will only show on the page that module is on. However, you can also add the popup to a template you build with the theme builder – like the global header or footer – so it will be on every page.

Divi Flipbox

One of my favorite modules is the Divi Flipbox module. Actually, I discovered the Divi Supreme plugin because I needed flipbox functionality and searched for a plugin to add that functionality to Divi.

All Divi Supreme modules use the native Divi (visual) builder, so the look and feel is the same you’re used to.
Divi Supreme modules also have the same (design) options as the native Divi modules, so you can add things like a shadow, border, filters, transform effects etcetera. You can also tweak most settings for mobile and hover.

When you hover on a flipbox (or click on mobile), it flips over to reveal the content on the other side of it.
The Divi Flipbox module let’s you enter an icon or image, a title text, a subheading text, a button and a main text area on both sides.Β The main text area uses the default text editor, so you can also add images and other media there.

Next to the classic flip effect (you can flip left, right, up or down, with a cool 3D effect if you want), you can also reveal the other side with a slide, zoom or fade effect.

Of course, you can set the background for both sides, and control things like colors and fonts for every part.

I’ve used a flipbox module before in Elementor Pro, but the Divi flipbox is more flexible.


This is Divi Flipbox

See you on the other side πŸ™‚
Bob The Web Builder

Peek a boo!

Cool isn't it?

Divi Text Notation aka animated headline

The Animated Headline – which is called Text Notation in Divi Supreme – is another Elementor Pro favorite that Divi Supreme finally brings to Divi too. It makes a part of your headline stand out by drawing an animated shape around it, like a circle, square, brackets, strike through and cross off, or highlight it with a background color. Of course, you can set the thickness and color of the shape,Β  and you can also set the typography of the animated text as well as the before and after text seperately.Β 

Talking about cool great amazing text effects...

How do you like the ones on the right πŸ™‚

The first one is called Divi Mask Text, and lets you set a background image with a transparent text on top of it.Β 

The second one is an animated gradient text, that keeps changing its color (you can set 4 colors). The Third effect is a glitch text, which makes it look like the screen is broken.

And did you notice the typing effect in the heading? Yup, that’s Divi Supreme as well πŸ™‚
There’s also a shuffle letters effect an a text rotation effect.

Of course, you can also set things like font family, font weight etcetera.Β 


Animated Gradient Text

Supreme Glitch Text

Image-ine you could do this with Divi…

Bob The Web Builder

Uhm your jaw is on the floor...

Bob The Web Builder
Bobs laptop
Bobs Helmet
Bobs name, which links to the homepage in a new tab

Divi Supreme doesn’t just come with cool text effects, it’s got your images covered too! Just hover on the first image above and be amazed πŸ™‚
The second image above is a before and after image module, which lets you slide between two images.
The third one is an image hotspots module, which lets you add icons on certain parts of your image with a tooltips and link behind them.Β 

Divi Supreme also offers a really cool floating images module.

Divi Scheduled Element

With Divi Scheduled Element, you can plan when (as in, on which date and time) to show or hide any section, row or module. You can set an end date as well. So when you’re going on a 2 weeks holiday 1 week from now, you can make a notification bar and schedule it to appear on your website in 1 week, and disappear again in 3 weeks. It also has a business hours option, so you could show a notification bar when you’re closed, or run a weekly special in the weekends etcetera. You can even limit the conditions to certain user roles, or logged-in / logged-out users.

Facebook and Twitter integration

Divi offers a social media follow module, which lets you add buttons to your social media profiles, en the Monarch plugin which lets you add social share buttons on your website.
Divi Supreme extends those with a Facebook Feed and Twitter Timeline module, a Facebook Embed module which lets you embed a single post or video on your page, and Facebook Comments to replace the default WordPress comment section.

Divi Lottie module

Lottie is the next big thing in webdesign. In the past years, web designers got hundreds of free fonts with Google Fonts, icons from Font Awesome, images from Unsplash… and now animations from Lottie.

To be honest. you don’t really need this Divi Lottie module to use Lottie files on your website. You can also download Lottie animations as an animated GIF or an MP4 file.

However, with this module you can import a Lottie animation as a JSON file, which is the same file format as Divi’s layouts. That gives you a bit more control over the animation; you can adjust the speed, only play the animation on hover, loop the animation or just play it once, and play the animation the other way around (so start at the end).


Divi Easy Theme Builder

When the theme builder launched, it finally became possible to design your own header in Divi. But unfortunately, there are some limitations…

First, we didn’t have a fixed header anymore, but that was solved with the positioning update. Well, for the most part; if you set the header position to fixed, it will lay over the content of your first section. You can fix that by setting a top margin for the first section with the same height as the header, but it can be quite challenging to get that right on all screen sizes. Divi Supreme’s Easy Theme Builder makes it a lot easier by just auto calculating the height of the header and prevent it from overlapping the content.

Another beloved Divi feature that got lost is the shrinking header, but Divi Supreme brings that back as well. You can even set a different logo image for the shrinked header!

Divi-de and Conquer

Divi has a default divider module, but that’s just a border in different styles. Divi Supremes divider modules let you add an icon, image or text on the left, center or right in your dividers.



At the moment of writing, a single site licence for Divi Supreme costs $40 with one year of updates and support. For $79, you can use Divi Supreme on as many sites as you want.


In my opinion, Divi Supreme offers a LOT of value and fills a lot of gaps Divi has compared to Elementor Pro and other competitors. It’s updated with new modules and enhancements very regularly, so it keeps adding value – just like Divi itself. Some things – like a popup builder and a shrink header option – will probably come to Divi eventually, but I don’t expect things like a flipbox module, text effects and image effects modules to be added by Elegant Themes anytime soon. So if you want those kind of features, you’ll need a plugin like this.

The modules I reviewed in this article are just a selection; as I said before, Divi Supreme comes with over 40 modules. You can see all modules with a demo here.

The pricing is just under Elegant Themes own prices, which may seem a bit steep since this is an add-on for Divi. However, keep in mind that Divi Supreme also doubles the amount of modules in Divi, and adds some cool features like pop-up, scheduled elements and – coming soon – Mega Menu. If you ask me, Divi Supreme is absolutely worth it’s money!

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