Bob The Web Builder builds and improves websites

Let Bob improve your website

Adjustments to your website

  • Adjusting colors etc.
  • Adjusting texts or images
  • Adjustments on the layout
  • Making your website responsive

Install and setup

  • Install and setup WordPress
  • Install and setup a new theme
  • Adding functionality with plugins
  • Etc.

Fixing problems

  • Repair your website after a hack
  • Cleaning and removing malware
  • Fixing problems after an update
  • Etc.

How much does it cost to improve my website?

4 Hour pre-paid Credit Card : € 300 

  • 4 hour credit
  • Charged per 15 minutes
  • Great for small projects
  • Affordable rate of € 75 an hour
  • Your credit stays valid for 3 years
  • Excl. VAT (if applicable)

10 Hour pre-paid Credit Card : € 725

  • 10 hour credit
  • Charged per 15 minutes
  • Great if you need help every now and then
  • Discounted rate of € 72,50 an hour
  • Your credit stays valid for 3 years
  • Excl. VAT (if applicable)

25 Hour pre-paid Credit Card : € 1750

  • 25 hour credit
  • Charged per 15 minutes
  • Great for larger or ongoing projects
  • Best deal rate of € 70 an hour
  • Your credit stays valid for 3 years
  • Excl. VAT (if applicable)

Website review

Do you already have a website, but doesn’t that website live up to your expectations? Don’t you have enough visitors, of maybe you do but they leave your website within a few seconds? Of maybe you do have a lot of visitors who stay on your website for ages, but don’t buy a single thing in your webshop? You should let Bob take a look at your website!

What can I expect when I order a website review?

  • Bob will analyze your website on more than 250 checkpoints
  • Subjects that Bob will discuss are SEO, usability, responsiveness, menu structure, site speed, conversion optimization, design and content
  • The entire review will be recorded live on video so you see and hear exactly what you should improve
  • If you want, you can hire Bob to do those things for you
  • Your investment for this very extensive website review is € 295 (excl. VAT)
  • If you have a webshop, your investment is € 370. BoB will also check your product page, cart page, checkout page etc.

So what do Bobs clients say?

We’re looking back on a very productive year with Bob The Web Builder. He developed 3 WordPress websites for our company, which really improved our appearance. Bob did an excellent job teaching us how WordPress works and made it easy to get new content online. Great job Marcel, we’re really happy!

Jaap Budding

Marcel, Bob The Web Builder, has been my go-to guy for all my website related questions for a few years now. He always replies really fast and his rates are quite affordable. There has been no issue he couldn’t solve yet, and thanks to his explanation and help I’m getting better in WordPress myself as well. Top notch developer, and a great human being to work with.  

Gijs Palsrok

Bob The Web Builder is really professional and great at his job: fast, knowledgeable, (customer) friendly and proactive. Our company has been using his service for years already and we’re completely satisfied. 

Jessica Niezen

Why choose Bob

  • Over 15 years of experience with building and improving websites
  • Allround website expert : WordPress, usability, SEO, HTML, CSS etc.
  • Excellent support 
  • Fast delivery: your new website can be online within a few weeks
  • Affordable prices and an excellent price / quality ratio

Who is Bob The Web Builder?

Marcel Melis Bob de webbouwerBob The Web Builder is a Dutch website expert.
Bobs real name is Marcel Melis (1979), but Marcel The Webbuilder is much harder to remember (and a lot less fun) than Bob The Web Builder 😀

I built my first website back in 2003, and over time I learned quite a lot about everything related to websites. 

I love to use all that knowledge to build a great website for you, or improve your excisting website.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free quote!